Friday, May 28, 2010

Looking for Descendants of John Wesley Van Sant (LeClaire, Iowa)

Our reunion planners for 2011 in Peoria, Bill and Sue Alexander, are looking for descendants of John Wesley Van Sant who settled in LeClaire, Iowa, and the descendants of Elias Van Sant from Peoria, IL. Bill and Sue are hoping to make this a reunion that will follow the history and story of the Van Sant families who settled in these parts. If you have information, family stories, or even old photos, they'd love to hear from you. Please send information or questions to them at:


  1. John Van Zandt (1759-1833, Revolutionary War in Middlesex, New Jersey) married Charity Van Zandt )1856/58-1838) in 1783. Charity was a daughter of Winant Van Zandt per will of Winant. I am looking for the parents of John Van Zandt.

    1. Charity Vanzandt (9/10/1758-11/18/1838) married John Vanzandt (10/22/1760- 11/22/1833) on 12/01/1783. John was the son of Johannes Vanzandt and Catherine Wortman. Johannes was the son of Bernardus Vanzandt and Belitje Laton. Bernardus was the son of Johannes Vansanten and Margaret Vanderpoel. Johannes and Margaret were Charity’s great-great-grandparents, which means that her husband John was her second cousin, once removed. This information is from the Van Zandt Society's database of records.