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Post Your Van Zandt Genealogical Questions

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  1. I've always been puzzled by whether or not my family- that usually doesn't pay much attention to the space between the first N and the Z- and usually just spells our name: VanZandt, if we're a part of the same lineage? My dad's family comes from Michigan but I don't know much more about their ancestry. Perhaps I'll look further in to it but I'm curious what others might think.

  2. Thomas, if you can provide a few specific names and dates of your paternal grandparents or great grandparents in Michigan, we can check the Society's database to see if we have more information on your line. You can send this information via email to

    Regarding the space, or lack thereof between the N and the Z, this and other variations such as with a D or without, Z vs. S, all turn out to be quite meaningless in differentiating people from the three well known branches. We've even seen the same person's name in a will or other legal document written in two or three different ways, and there are many examples of brothers who chose to spell the name differently from one another.

    Various individuals from the Van Zandt Society are here to help, so feel free to send us your specifics and we'll attempt to search for information that will answer your question.

  3. I'll be traveling to Albany, NY, for my second swing at finding more information in the NY State Library: October 11 (Columbus Day, will be visiting family homesteads and cemeteries since the libraries will be closed) through Friday, October 15. My Van Zandt line ends with my brother/no children - but I've had a wonderful time connecting dots:

    My brother: John Kirby Van Zandt m. MaryBeth Rowe

    My father: John Hungerford Van Zandt m. Virginia Arnold

    My grandfather: William Kirby Van Zandt m. Leah Bernice Hungerford.

    My great grandfather: William Garrett Van Zandt m. Carrie (unknown, my heart's desire is to find out what happened to her, maiden name, where buried)

    My 2x great: Thomas Kirby Van Zandt m. Frances Jane McCormick

    My 3x great: William I. Van Zandt m. Sophia Kirby

    My 4x great: Thomas Van Zandt m. Mary (unknown)
    [his death in family bible and referred to in his grandson's obituary in the Albany Arbus]

    My 5x great: Willem Van Zandt (Van Santen) m. Alida Smith (his death in family bible)

    My 6x great: Johannes Van Santen m. Sara Hilten

    Would love to talk to, meet with, anyone in the area during those dates. I'll be carrying all my files with me! Ugh.

    1. I am no longer Clayton; I have reclaimed my birth surname: Van Zandt! Found Carrie, her maiden name, Durst, buried alone at Albany Rural. Reach me at!

  4. I am having a very difficult time figuring out what line I am descended from. My Grandfather (mother's side) is a descendant of:

    Zachariah Noble VanZandt
    Birth 31 Jan 1785 in New Castle, Delaware, USA
    Death 10 Apr 1874 in Marshall, Highland, Ohio, USA

    Letitia Clayton
    Birth 22 Jan 1786 in New Castle, Delaware, USA
    Death 01 Jan 1871 in Marshall, Highland, Ohio, USA

    so I am wondering how do I connect Zachariah Noble VanZandt to one of these lines Adam Wensel van Santen, Gerret Stoffelse van Sand, and Joseph Janse Van Zante, or Jacobus Van Zauen.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I can provide more information relating to the descendants of Zachariah Noble VanZandt

  5. Dear Chris,

    We have a few members of the Society who are also descendants of Zachariah Noble VanZandt. The pattern of their Y-DNA shows that they are descended from Gerret Stoffelse van Sand.

    Now you should be able to narrow your search efforts to focus on finding the paper trail link between Zachariah and Gerret. To date no one has been successful finding the link.

  6. I am interested in proving Isaiah Vanzandt was involved in the American Revolution for the purposes of the DAR. He was born in 1713 in Bucks County, PA and died 1789 in that same county. I would appreciate any assistance.

  7. Hi Im looking for family of Congressman James T Van Zandt of Altoona, Pa who married Catherine Smith dau of Hugh Smith and Catherine Brady of Holidaysburg, Pa...I have a Civil War doc on Hugh Smith sgt 84th Pa Inf Co E dated Dec 9 1862...Mr Hugh smith and catherine brady are buried in Srt marys catholic Ch in Holidaysburg Pa..he died in 1898 and she in 1915..they had 14 chuildren and in the obit of the dau Catherine Smith..Mr James T Van Zandt is mentioned..can anyon help me??I wish to place this doc with the family ... my email is 317-238-9536

  8. Hello

    I am looking into ancestry and have Vanzandts, but am stuck going back farther.

    Great grandmother: Marjorie Vanzandt (b: 1897 in Hoboken,NJ D:1961 in Erie, PA)

    2xGreat Grandparetns: Frances Berkley Vanzandt (1873 in Hoboken,NJ and dies after 1952 in Essex co, NJ) and Inez Taylor ( 1873 in Maryland, d:Hoboken, NJ dec 1900)

    3x Great grand parents: Ruthven Porter Vanzandt (B:1841, NY - apr 1887 in Hoboken, NJ) AND Francenia Barkley ( Oct 1845 in NYC - aft 1922 in NJ). Ruthven was a bank note printer/engraver. I have been reading that some of Vanzandts esp in Albany, NY were involved in the banking industry. I THINK Ruthven's father was a william vanzandt, but I am stuck. Any suggestions?

    Kelley H

    1. Hi Kelley, I'll put your question in the next Van Zandt Record newsletter. Maybe someone in the Society can help. I'll keep you posted.

    2. I have had a break through! I got a hold of Ruthven's death record and it has his parents listed as William & Katherine vanzandt . I was able to then locate both ruthven n his father in several census in Niagara and Albany counties! I then got a hold of William' obituary and it lists his birth date as 13 Nov 1806, which on out pops a christening record for a William vanzandt, son of Thomas vanzandt n Rebecca hooperkerk.ha wasn't christened in Albany with their other children, but in " New Rhinebeck-cobleskill, Schoharie, New York.@ the German reform church.

    3. That's great Kelley. I also have information to share with you. Email me at so I can send you several files I found for Ruthven and his people.

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  10. Hi! I am looking for my heritage on my mother's side. She was born Debra Jean VanZandt to Dorthy and Roy VanZandt of Rochester, New York. My mother is the youngest of 6 children. From what my mother tells me, my grandfather is a decendent of the VanZandt brothers from Holland. Apparently, I'm half Dutch-Irish. My mother was born near or around 1952-53. If you could help me with this half of my family tree, i would be forever greatfull. Thank you

  11. Hi M.B.,
    To help you make connections with earlier generations, we'll need a little more information from you. Do you know the names of Roy VanZandt's parents? Or at least his birth year? Can't seem to find him in the last published census of 1940 in Rochester. If you'd prefer to send the information instead of posting it here, you can use this address: Once we find Roy in the census we may be able to go to earlier censuses to find his ancestors (and yours). Happy to help you if we can.

  12. I am looking for the ancestors of Lewis Vanzant of Dial Ga. He was born in Rutherford NC, he was among the first white settlers in northern Georgia arriving there in 1834 along with his wife Elizabeth Hunt. He passed on 4May1888. I have some anecdotal evidence that he may be the son of James Vanzant and Sally Upgrove. I have no hard evidence of this, but if I can find Jame's will it may provide the key. James was born abt 1780 and I have no information on his death. I do have note that Lewis returned to NC only once and it was to settle his parent’s estate after their death. Any help you could provide would be great. Bob White

  13. I am looking for some cousins is what I know my great grandfather was Armstrong A. Van Sandt or Alonzo Armstrong Van Sandt and he was born in Hamilton County Ohio his father was Elijah Van Sandt. Sandt.

    A.A. Van Sandt was the nephew of John Van Zandt who was the famous abolitionist who own.. Plantation in Hamilton County (that was a very important breakthrough to make) A.A. settled in California in Amador County and was a successful rancher.

    his son my grandfather was Walter Scott Van Sandt and his son was my father Walter Arnold Van Sandt we have been in California 150 years

  14. Ann Van Sant was the eldest child of Johannes and was born about 1705 in Bensalem. She married William Hatcher in about 1725 in Burlington, NJ. Her family was of the Dutch Reformed Presbyterian Church....however, she and William move to Goose Creek, Virgina and are Quakers in 1754. Any background on the change to Quaker, dates, records, etc. Thank you.

    1. Dear John,
      The late Malcolm "Gordon" Hatcher spent years researching the Hatcher and Vansant connection. His findings were originally shared on a Rootsweb site, but I believe that data has moved to Please follow this link if you haven't already found it yourself.

      Better yet, follow this link, which appears to be Gordon's original submission.